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We moved to Idaho, but are still servicing clients remotely.

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A New concept is here for you.

OK, here is the really great NEWS the labs is up and running for you long timers and your referrals to place orders. Your FRAMES my LENSES services from Expressions In Eyewear or where ever bought them. I have developed a method for accurately measuring the necessary parameters for frames not original purchase from EIE. All EIE frames that we made lenses previously only need your updated Rx.

Prices will be greatly lower due to lower overhead costs. Outstanding quality will be the norm as you have come to expect. I will be developing an online ordering page to our current web sight to make ordering convenient as well as the phone number 425 4897 2744 is the same. I will be available to consult as usual on lens designs and issues. Warranties as usual except shipping witch will easily be offset by lower prices.

Store hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10am to 6pm mountain standard time – 9am to 5pm Pacific time

Email: Mailing address and new store locations is: 2252 Haw Creek Circle, Emmett, Idaho 83617

Phone: 425 487 2744 Fax 425 489 8562

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Our Services

Highly Trained Opticians

Expressions in Eyewear is in its 34th year of serving the Woodinville community and beyond, our customers ordering from Australia to Florida. Created in 1985, the owner, D Glenn Blackstock, had a dream to bring a unique and high quality experience to the optical retail world. In the years since, Glenn has crafted a blend of old-world expertise, cutting edge technology, and exceptional opticians to lead customers on the path to find their ideal style and fit of eyewear.

The EIE Optician Difference

Master optician of forty years, Glenn personally trains each staff optician to his exacting standards in every area of opticianry:

The Good Stuff: Our Frames and Lenses

As an independent optical store, we can offer all brands and designs of lenses currently available in the marketplace. We can pull from a huge pool of designs to fit the clients needs exactly, instead of settling for “close enough”. All lenses are not created equally, and we take pride in offering everything from the most basic to the most advanced lens technologies and creating your eyewear with equal care and attention to quality.

The extensive collection of frames in our showroom are handpicked by the very opticians helping you select glasses, creating an eclectic mix of styles ranging in price from $25 to over $1,000, with more arriving monthly. Many customers comment “I’ve never been able to find so many frames I like, how do I choose?”. Our opticians have a system to both help guide you to frames you’ll adore, and narrow them down to your favorite quickly and easily.

The YES Difference

  • Yes, we can fill any valid prescription written by any doctor, worldwide.
  • Yes, we have an outstanding and experienced optometrist for a comprehensive eye exam (by appointment).
  • Yes, you can bring in any prescription-ready frame, and we can make new lenses for it, and in 99% of cases, yes you can keep your frame until the lenses are made and ready for insertion. Whether you are reusing a frame, bought it somewhere else, if it’s rimless, semi-rimless, metal, plastic, big, or small, if it’s not damaged and it’s suitable for your prescription, we can do it!
  • Yes, we create sports and recreational eyewear specifically designed to perform optimally for motorcycling, bicycling, golf, and more!
  • Yes, we can mount lenses into almost any two lens scuba mask. We produce the highest quality most accurate lenses available.

Our In-House Lab

By manufacturing eyewear in store, we can provide the most precise eyewear in the world. Our production specifications not only meet but exceed FDA and ANSI standards. This commitment to perfection is why so many of our customers leave reviews saying they see better with our lenses, even when their prescription has not changed.

Not only does creating your eyewear in-house allow for the utmost precision, it cuts down on processing time. If you’re getting new lenses, most of the time you can keep your glasses with you, and keep seeing while we make new lenses.

Our technical expertise and in-house creation also means we can offer you unparalleled customization for rimless and semi-rimless designs. Want your lenses smaller, larger, a different shape, matching something you had a long time ago but can’t find on the market anymore? We can make it happen. We also custom design and inlay Swarovski crystals into any lenses, allowing for unparalleled individual expression through your glasses.

What Our Customers are Saying

I’m a really hard fit

I’m really hard to fit for contacts and Dr Oliveria takes her time to make sure I get the best, I should say it’s not the fit that’s the problem but getting the right prescription as I’m blind as a bat and need bifocals and she really works hard to make it possible for me to see the best she can, she definitely goes the extra mile until things are right. Catherine is also just a sweetheart and knows more by name very personable and very helpful. I LOVE THEM won’t go anywhere else!

Jenny Taylor

I thought I looked awful in glasses until I went into Expressions Eyewear. I was going to wear contacts that still made everything blurry (because of the progressive lenses) but I decided to go into this store and they helped me pick the cutest glasses, I really look good in them. Everyone was soo helpful and very patient while I decided between two. I will be back soon to buy the second pair because I feel so good and confident in them. Thank you everyone there for your help!! Oh and for distance I have never seen the trees look so good, it must be the lenses they use because my prescription didn’t change. Absolutely amazing!

I Absolutely Love This Place

I absolutely love this place. I am someone who is squeamish at the eye doctor and the expression in eyewear staff always hire the best doctors to work from their store. Plus the welcome and the personalized service is amazing. They know my name! They help me pick out what right for me. They handle my orders easily and effortlessly and personalized. In a big box / fast/ bulk service world… you couldn’t pay me to trade what it feels like to be cared for when you shop for something as critical as eyewear. It’s how you see the world and how the world sees you and I always know that expression in eyewear has my best experience of both at the forefront of everything they do.

Glenn and His Staff are Incredible

Glenn and his staff are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. I got a really nice pair of sunglasses from them a few years ago and they’re still my go to pair. Glenn had them custom fit for me, and they fit perfectly.

I have been going to Expressions in Eyewear for the past 15 years

I have been going to Expressions in Eyeware for at least the past 15 years, if not longer. They always take extra special care of me and my extreamly difficult prescription. I have the most amazing pair of glasses EVER! For the first time in my entire life (and I’ve worn glasses since I was four) I feel fashionable in my glasses and not self concious. I get stopped by people – total strangers – who ask where I got my glasses because they are so cool. Yeah, they are cool, but I can actually see really well out of them too! Katherine, Nate, Glenn and Dr. Olavarria are all wonderful. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my eyes now that I know how good I can have it. Thanks, you guys, for making me happy to wear glasses for the first time in my life. It means a lot!

I was shocked at the clarity of my vision with these lenses

I have shopped for eyeglass frames and prescription lenses with Glenn (the owner) and Katherine (the store manager) for years now. Glenn guided me to some more stylish frames (replacing my Costco specials) and I really liked the results. Katherine has worked with me in getting to know about the new types of lenses available. She got me to try Hoya progressive lenses. I was shocked at the clarity of my vision with these lenses, not just at the center of the lens, but also up and down & left and right in the periphery areas. Hoyas are amazing (the full visual clarity also eliminated the weird visual effect of seemingly stepping off a much deeper drop off when walking down stairs!). The folks at Expressions in Eyewear have spent time with me, explaining the benefits of these lenses, helping me find the right frames for my face, and I have always felt well-taken care of with them. I love the service and all of the recommendations they’ve made for me. They are not cheap (Costco is cheap, but Costco has made some glasses for me in the past with terrible errors in the prescription), but you get what you pay for. If you wear glasses every waking moment of every day as I do, you need high quality glasses that allow you to clearly see everything you need to see and look good in the process. These folks strongly emphasize customer service and will take good care of you, too.

Usually I don’t write reviews online.

Usually I don’t write reviews online, but I wanted to spread the words about how great this store is! Well, my old frame is broken and I wanted to resize my existing lenses and fit them into another frame I brought. But it is really difficult to find a store in the greater Seattle area that does this, and getting a new pair of lenses would cost me an arm and a leg. Luckily I found this one after searching for a long time. I don’t live in Woodinville, so i drove 30 miles up there. The store looks nice and has an inhouse lab. They also sell lenses, frames and provide eyeglass repair (yes, one-stop shopping). The lady in there was very friendly and polite. She helped to measure the distance between my pupils and told me they would call me in an hour once my glasses is ready. Also, they didn’t charge me anything until the job is done. About an hour later, I got their call and was happy to know that the lenses fit well. My husband picked up my glasses and paid $39 for the resizing. $39 instead of several hundreds bulks! ! Thank you for saving my day Expressions in Eyewear! I am 100% pleased with the services I received, and highly recommend this store!

Clara L.

I’ve gotten two pairs of glasses from this shop. I wanted to go with a local frameshop for my new glasses instead of going with my optometrist’s office or just picking something up at Costco. I happened to stumble on this place completely by accident, and left very pleased with my experience!

The owner, Glenn, introduced himself and his business as being “Hands-on” with customers to help them find the best pair of glasses that fit their face, even if it’s not a style and/or color they’d normally pick. I’ll admit, I was a bit scared of potentially pushy sales tactics, but that ended up being a needless worry.

Glenn himself has plenty of experience in the science behind color theory and how it applies to not only appearance and fashion, but how it subtly affects our subconscious. As a graphic designer and science nerd myself, I was happy to let him geek out on me about why he selected certain frames for my consideration.

I tried on probably 50 pairs of frames during my first visit, and using Glenn’s elimination method, narrowed my choice down to four frames in about 10-15 minutes. I ended up choosing a pair that was similar in style to ones I’ve worn in the past, but a different color pattern that ended up fitting in well with my wardrobe without being overly flashy.

My second visit I went in for some prescription sunglasses and am very happy with the results. I love the variety of options available in terms of coatings, production methods (Digital versus traditional), and just variety of styles in general. Prices range from affordable to high-end designer.

Expression’s turnaround time is pretty fast, too – my primary glasses came in about 3 days after ordering, and my polarized prescription sunglasses in about 5 business days.

I’m so happy I discovered Expressions in Eyewear

I’m so happy I discovered Expressions in Eyewear! I’ve actually known about them for years, but I never went, assuming they’d be too expensive. I finally gave them a try, and now I’m kicking myself for not going there sooner!

The people there are not only very knowledgeable, but also super fun. They have a great selection and helped me pick out frames that were cute, comfortable, and fit my face perfectly – and in a fraction of the time it’s taken me to find good frames in the past. These people really know what they’re doing. I’ve gotten numerous compliments on my new glasses, and I really couldn’t be happier. The price was more than reasonable, too. This is definitely my new go-to place for glasses.

Excellent care from opticians and optometrist here.

Excellent care from opticians and optometrist here. New technology for eye exams plus fabulous personality of Dr Nguyen made that visit a delight. The very patient Glenn helped me decide on just the right frames and got me excited for my first ever self darkening lenses which I loved immediately. Yes, glasses here are super expensive, but lenses are made on premises with the absolute latest in lenses technology, and they carefully check to make sure they got it right for you. Forego those frappes, save up you allowance, use your Amazon rewards card and get your next glasses at Expressions in Eyewear in Woodinville.

The service was 5 stars

I found Expressions on Yelp as I was looking to get my glasses repaired, (nose pad broke off). Nicole greeted me “by name” when I walked in….(I had called before I drove there), she took my glasses and said “I can fix them right now”. She handed them back to me with new nose pads and clean lenses within 10 min!

While Nicole was doing the repair, Hannah saw I was looking at frames and stepped right up to help; she told me all about the new frames I was looking at, all that goes into the new types of lenses, the costs, etc. (before I left she wrote down the brand, style #, lense type, the price, etc. and handed me a card so I had a reference when I am ready to buy).

The service was 5 Stars, their professionalism and courtesy was 5 Stars and it’s an easy location to find in downtown Woodinville.

Thank you Nicole and Hannah….I will see you when I spring for the cool new frames!

The shop’s owner, Glenn, puts customer service first and foremost. I never felt pressured.

What an asset to the community and all the people needing glasses. The shop’s owner, Glenn, puts customer service first and foremost which is such a refreshing aspect of business. I never felt pressured to hurry up and select frames and was given all the time required for me to select frames with the help of Nicole and Hannah. My multi prescription lenses were exact in the three pair of glasses I purchased from the store. Great service, customer satisfaction and quality…. I will return for my next pair of glasses. Give them a try and you won’t be disappointed!

I have been a happy customer for over 30 years.

l have been a happy customer for over 30 years. Several years ago my elderly father was wearing heavy, clunky plastic frames, and was extremely unhappy with his trifocals. Glenn helped me talk him into buying a more comfortable, lighter-weight, titanium frame, and took the time to get his trifocals exactly the way he wanted them. Glenn is very good at helping customers with specialty lenses.

Huge Selection of Designer Glasses

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